China continues bullying on the border and Galwan-like situation may repeat : India

New Delhi – ‘China continues to play bully on the border and Galwan-like situation may reoccur; however, we are standing against a bully in a very determined fashion’, India’s defence secretary Giridhar Aramane said. Aramane was speaking at the second INDUS-X defence summit organised here to enhance defence industrial cooperation between India and the US. US Indo-Pacific Command chief Admiral John C Aquilino was also present at this occasion.

Aramane said,

1. India is giving a tough face-off to our neighbour (China) on almost all the fronts we have with them. Wherever there is a mountain pass, we are stationed there to face any eventuality. Wherever there is a road, we have to be ready there also.

2. We expect our friend US will be there with us in case we need their support. (Looking at history so far, the US never comes to help. So India needs to become self-reliant to combat China ! – Editor)

3. After the June 2020 confrontation with China in Galwan, the US has helped us a lot with intelligence and equipment. We would like to thank them for this. There is a possibility of the same Galwan-like situation reoccurring. Maintaining stability and peace in the Indo-Pacific region is of utmost importance.

China rejects the demand to withdraw troops from Depsang-Demchok

Earlier on 19th February, the 21st round of Corps Commander-level talks was held between India and China at the Chushul-Moldo border in Ladakh. In this meeting held 4 months later, China once again rejected India’s demand for de-escalation and withdrawal of troops from Depsang and Demchok.

According to new figures, China has deployed between 50,000 and 60,000 troops in western Ladakh, as well as along its borders in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Apart from this, 90,000 soldiers are deployed in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh too. India has increased its deployment of soldiers there to face China.

What is the action at Galwan ?

In June 2020, Indian and Chinese soldiers came face to face in the Galwan Valley on the India-China border. At that time, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, and 100 Chinese soldiers were said to have been killed.