No snowfall in Kashmir this year despite sub-zero temperature

  • Similar condition in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.
  • Experts blame ‘El-Nino’ for this condition

Srinagar (J&K) – This year Kashmir has not received any snowfall despite minus 3- degree to minus 5-degree Celsius temperature. Even the areas where normally the thickness of snowpack is 2 to 5 feet, have not received any snowfall. Tourists are not eager to visit Kashmir because of this condition. Many tourists have cancelled their trip. Not only Kashmir but Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are also facing the same issue. In the last 10 years, this is the third time Kashmir has not received any snowfall during winters.

Courtesy: News 9

1.Director of Meteorological Department, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad opined, “El-Nino is the reason for no snowfall. The temperature of the ocean has also risen by 0.5 degrees.

2.Entire country is going through climate change.” Geologist Shakeel Ahmad said, “By the end of the 21 st century, Kashmir will have no snow at all for 40 years due to Global warming.”

3.This condition will remain the same till 15th January, if it persists, Kashmir valley may face drought in many areas.

What is El-Nino?

El-Nino is the climate condition which has developed in the Pacific Ocean. It affects vapour loaded seasonal winds. ‘El-Nino’ affects the climate conditions of many countries. Peru in South America and the surrounding countries, US, Australia, India and many countries connected to the Pacific Ocean are affected by ‘El-Nino.’