Probe initiated in the US for hate crimes against the Indian Community

A special commission formed in 12 states of US

London – The United States is launching an investigation into hate crimes targeting Indians and special commissions dedicated to addressing these issues have been set up in 12 states across the US. A dedicated hearing on hate crimes against Indians is scheduled to take place. In the initial phase, a budget of Rs 20 crore has been allocated to the commission. Special commissions have been set up in states like California, Maryland, Michigan, and New York, with increased powers, including judicial authority. These commissions will oversee the security and cultural interests of the Indian community.

Surge in hate crimes post COVID-19

Post COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant surge in hate crimes against the Indian community, with instances of discrimination also reported in workplace settings. According to Pew Research, instances of discrimination against Indians based on caste during Police security checks have surged by over 25% in the past two years.

The crucial role of Indians in the US Economy

Jennifer Rajkumar, New York State Assembly Member stated Indians as ‘Ideal Immigrants’ and Key Contributors to the American Economy. The creation of a 13-member special commission for Indians is a historic step by the US.