Russian President Putin urges Russian women to have at least 8 children

Moscow (Russia) – President Vladimir Putin has urged Russian women to have at least 8 children. Putin is also reviving the Soviet-era honorary title “Mother Heroine” for women who “birth and raise” 10 Russian citizens, with a lump sum of 1 million Russian Rubles ($16,645) received when the 10th child turns one. While speaking at the World Russian Peoples’ Council in Moscow, Putin cited the historical tradition of multi-generational families with several children, noting that many Russian families in the past had seven or eight children. He urged citizens to preserve and revive these traditions, stating, “Large families must become the norm.”

Russia’s current birth rate is 11.329 births per 1,000 people, which is a 2.48 per cent decline from 2022 due to the economic crisis caused by Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war. The country continues to lose its soldiers in the ongoing Ukraine war which is the major cause of population decline.

9 lakh people had to leave the country due to the Ukraine war. 3 lakh soldiers have been recruited in the Russian army to fight against Ukraine. All this has led to a shortage of workers.

Putin said, “Every Russian should have a large family. The family is not just the foundation of a Nation and society; it is also a means of morality.”