Parva : An Epic Tale of Dharma – A movie throwing light on ‘Is Mahabharat HISTORY or MYTHOLOGY’ ?

  • The film is based on the book written by the famous historian Padma Bhushan Dr SL Bhyrappa
  • Producer Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri posted an informative video on his X handle

Mumbai – A film named, ‘Parva: An epic tale of dharma’ is being made, which will throw light on the fact of whether ‘Mahabharat is history or mythology’. The film will be made in 3 parts and is based on the book ‘Parv’ written by the great historian Padma Bhushan Dr SL Bhyrappa. This information was given by the film’s Director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri in a post on his X handle. Pallavi Joshi is producing the film.

Agnihotri has posted a one-minute video about the film. In this video, Agnihotri says, ‘Is Mahabharat only an epic or is it the soul of Bharat? For centuries it has been debated if Mahabharat is history or just a mythological story. After an intensive research of 17 years, Sahitya Academy Awardee Historian, Padma Bhushan Dr SL Bhyrappa wrote a book named ‘Parva – War, Peace, Love, Death, God, and Man’. There must certainly be a reason why this book is called ‘masterpiece of a masterpiece’ This book has been translated into many Indian languages including Sanskrit. This book has also been published in English, Mandarin, and Russian. Moreover, the book has been declared a bestseller in each one of these languages.

Editorial Perspective

In the last 200 years, Indian history has been distorted earlier by the British and later by the Congress and the Communists. Hence, it became necessary that Bharat’s history be rewritten. Hence, this endeavour of Producer Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri is highly commendable.