Gaza is not a garden; Israel will pay a big price entering here : Hamas

Israel Army ready to enter Gaza Strip

(Credit – OpIndia)

Tel Aviv (Israel) – Israel should not try to enter Gaza Strip. We are not scared of them. Gaza is not a garden. Israel will have to pay a big price for entering here, threatened Hamas. Till now, 4,000 people have died in the Israel-Hamas war. The massive attack on Gaza Strip by Israel has resulted into a great loss.

We have destroyed the status of Israel as a ‘superpower’ – Hamas

Hamas said that we had sent 1,200 soldiers to Israel. Our organisation is strong. We are not scared of the Israel Army; we are ready to face them. Israel is doing bomb blasts in Gaza. Still we are not scared. We are strong enough and firmly committed. We have a lot of soldiers. There are many countries to support us. We have nothing to worry about. The citizens of Jordan and Lebanon are with us. This incident has disgraced Israel and we have become successful in disturbing their security system. We have destroyed the status of Israel as a superpower and proved the detective agency of Israel to be unsuccessful.