Goons dug up the under-construction road as the contractor did not pay extortion amount

The incident at Shahjahapur in Uttar Pradesh

Shahjahapur (Uttar Pradesh) – While so far there have been incidents of goons committing acts ranging from murder to kidnapping due to non-payment of extortion money, a new incident has taken place here. The goons dug up the entire 7 km stretch of road with the bulldozers after the road construction contractor did not pay the ‘Goonda tax’. Workers were also beaten up. These goons also claimed to be the local MLA’s men. Police have registered a case and arrested 3 people in this case; but the main mastermind is Jagveer Singh.

The work of this road is going on from Jaitiganj to Dataganj. The contract has been awarded to Shakuntala Enterprises from Gorakhpur by the Public Works Department. The owner of this establishment Shakuntala Singh said that a person named Jagveer Singh came to him. Jagveer Singh said, ‘I am the local MLA’s man’. He then demanded the extortion money. When the owner refused to pay the money, Jagveer left in a rage. A few days later he dug up a road here with his companions with bulldozers.

Editorial Perspective

Hooliganism still remains in Uttar Pradesh and such activities are being carried out. The Government needs to be more stringent with these goons.