Parliamentary proceedings to be held in the new building

  • Special Parliament session starts
  • Bidding farewell to the old Parliament House
  • The old Parliament House was constructed with Indians’ hard work and money – PM Modi  

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New Delhi – Addressing the House during the special session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today is an occasion to recollect and reminisce the parliamentary journey of 75 years of this country, and the historically important, inspiring incidents, before the proceedings are shifted to the newly inaugurated building. We are bidding farewell to this historical building. Speaking about the Old Parliament Building, expressing his sentiments on the first day of the special session of Parliament on the 18th of September 2023, the Prime Minister mentioned that the building served as the Imperial Legislative Council before India’s independence and was recognised as the Parliament of India post-independence. He pointed out that even though the decision to construct this building was made by foreign rulers, it was the hard work, dedication, and money spent by our citizens that went towards its development. It was also the lastday of working in this building.From the 19th of September 2023, on the day of Shri Ganesh Chaturthi, the new building of Parliament will start holding parliamentary proceedings. The special session will go on till the 22nd of September 2023 wherein 4 Bills are going to be presented for passing.

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Main points from PM Modi’s speech

Bidding farewell to this building is a very emotional moment. When a family shifts to a new house leaving the old one, they remember many past incidents, including emotional incidents, celebrations with enthusiasm, sweet and bitter moments, fights, etc.

On the entrance gate of ‘Sansad Bhavan’, it is written that ‘Keep doors open for people and work to give them their rights’. In the journey of 75 years, PM Modi said, this house has created the best of the conventions and traditions which has seen the contribution of all strata of society and witnessed by all.

Initially, the number of lady members was less, but gradually the number rose. More than 7,500 public representatives have served in both Houses where the number of women representatives is now around 600. Indrajit Gupta ji was a witness to this House for 43 years, while Shafiqur Rehman is coming to this House even at the age of 93 years.

Recalling the terrorist attack on the Parliament, the Prime Minister said it was not an attack on the building but the Mother of Democracy itself. It was an attack on the soul of India. He acknowledged the contributions of those, who stood between the terrorists and the House to protect its members, and paid tributes to the brave soldiers.

Today when we are leaving this House, I also want to remember our journalist friends who have dedicated their lives to reporting the proceedings of the Parliament, even without the use of the latest technology. They were so powerful that they used to get information not only about the current proceedings but also about inside information.