2 religious fanatics arrested for making a fake Aadhaar card with Hindu name

Several individuals may have been cheated

Jalgaon – Imran Shabbir Manyar (Age 23) has been arrested by the Police for making his own fake Aadhaar card. He had mentioned a fake Hindu name ‘Vivek Sonawane’ on the card with his own photograph. The card has been seized by the Police. His friend Iqbal Khan Ghaus (Age 24) who helped him, has also been arrested by the Police.

In this case, the Police have seized 1 laptop, 3 mobile phones, 2 pen drives and an Aadhaar card from a house. The Police are investigating how the data in these devices was used. Both fanatics have been sent to judicial custody. Imran did not yet reveal how and why he made a fake Aadhaar card. He may have cheated several people with this fake Aadhaar card.

Editorial Viewpoint

Please note the criminal mentality of religious fanatics. Why do pseudo liberals and gangs never talk about this ?

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