Religious fanatics in a Muharram procession pelt stones at ‘Kanwariya’ pilgrims  

Row over playing DJ music with ‘Kanwariya’ pilgrims

Pilibhit (Uttar Pradesh) – Muharram procession reached Khamaria bridge on Bareilly Highway from where ‘Kanwariya’ pilgrims were also passing by with religious songs played on DJ in the background. Muslims asked them to stop the music, but ‘Kanwariya’ pilgrims refused, leading to a row. On their refusal, fanatic Muslims walking in the procession started pelting stones at ‘Kanwariya’ pilgrims, not sparing even the Police on duty. A senior Police Officer has been injured in these clashes. Police called for an additional Police Force and brought the situation under control. Police made both parties come to reason and sent them ahead. No case has been filed in this connection as reported by the sources. (It is shameful that no action was taken by the Police despite their Officer getting injured. – Editor)

Violence at three places during Muharram processions taken out in Bihar

A girl injured in a bomb blast

There was violence at three places during Muharram processions taken out in Bihar. Somebody hurled a bomb from the Muharram procession at Bhagalpur and in its blast, a girl named Radha Kumari was injured. The locals, therefore, stopped the procession, causing tension, but the Police maintained control and let the procession continue.  (How can a bomb be carried in a Muharram procession, and how can it be exploded ? Why the Police Intelligence Department doesn’t get information about it ? If these fanatics openly start exploding bombs in the future, India will soon become Pakistan. Such situations make the establishment of Hindu Rashtra inevitable. – Editor)

Unknown persons pelted stones at a Muharram procession in Balia village, spoiling the atmosphere, and then, both sides pelted stones, injuring a Police Officer.

In Bhabua town in Kaimur District, unknown persons pelted stones near a Gurudwara, leading to severe stone-pelting from both sides, damaging a few vehicles, and injuring some people. The Police, however, immediately brought the situation under control.

Editorial Viewpoint

Hindus are forcibly made to listen to Azaan daily five times throughout the year, and they quietly tolerate it. Why don’t Muslims say anything about the same ?