5,500 obscene videos of hundreds of female students of Islamia University exposed in Pakistan

Sexual abuse of female students and drug trafficking was taking place on a large scale

Lahore (Pakistan) – 5,500 obscene videos of the hundreds of female students of Islamia University at Bahawalpur in Punjab Province of  Pakistan have come to light. Punjab Chief Minister, Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi has taken the cognisance of the matter. The media has claimed, ‘the Police are trying to cover up the matter’. In this case, the Director of financial sources of the university, Dr Abujar, the Chief Defence Officer Syed Ejaz Shah and the Transport Officer Altaf have been arrested. The university administration has called it, ‘a conspiracy, being hatched against the university’.

In this case, obscene videos of the girls have been found in the two mobile phones of Ejaz Shah. A large amount of drug named ‘Ice’ has also been seized from his car. It is said that at least 113 male and female students of the university  have addiction to the drugs. Police claimed that they are targeting ‘drug trafficking’ and not the University. The students were asked to make and send their nude videos for getting marks in the exams. Even for the recruitment to a post in the University, the concerned female candidates were asked to do so. According to the Police, a group of teachers was involved in ‘drug dealing’, as well as in ‘sexually abusing the female students’. Even also, the female students were being forced to participate in the ‘sex parties’, arranged in the University. A High-Level committee is going to investigate the matter.

(Credit : ARY News)

Editorial Viewpoint

This incident proves that in Jihadi Pakistan, which is starved of food, the education sector also has stooped to a deep dirty level.