The conspiracy behind the intrusion of Seema Haider into Indian border

A professional makeup artist helped in changing the look of Seema Haider and her children to look ‘Indians’ so they could enter India illegally

(Credit : One India)

Lucknow (UP) – Uttar Pradesh ATS is questioning the Pakistani women Seema Haider who illegally entered India. The intelligence agencies are also investigating into Seema Haider’s matter. Their investigation shows that a third person has helped Seema Haider in entering India via Nepal. With their help she crossed into India wearing makeup and dressed as an Indian village woman. Information is that she was helped by a professional makeup artist. Her children too were dressed in such a way that they looked like Indian children, to hoodwink the Border Security Guards on the Indo Nepal Border.

Seema speaks fluent Hindi. From this suspicion arises that she was coached by a Pakistani living in Nepal. Pakistani nationals in Nepal train and send women into India for illegal activities.

Seema claims that she entered from the Indo-Nepal border on the 13th of May. No proof has been found till date about this fact neither on the Sunoli Sector nor the Sitamadhi Sector on the Indo-Nepal Border. There is no record of a foreign national crossing into India on these check points. Hence, now the investigative agencies are investigating the CCTV footages.

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