China is portrayed as a villain in the film ‘Bharateeyans’ : Global Times, CCP’s mouthpiece

Chinese Government’s mouthpiece enraged over Indian film ‘Bharateeyans’

Beijing (China) – Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Government, has criticised India in its editorial over an Indian film called ‘Bharateeyans’ which was released on Friday. It claimed that such films portray China as a villain and it could lead to tensions between China and India. The movie is written and directed by Deena Raj.

Global Times said in their editorial,

1. The Indian film ‘Bharateeyans’ hit the screens on 14th July. Some Indian media outlets and politicians have peddled and praised the film in an abnormal manner, calling it a must-watch patriotic film for all Indians. Its biggest selling point is not the artistic level of the film or the attractiveness of the plot, but the highly provocative anti-China sentiment.

2. The main story-line of the film revolves around six young Indians who infiltrate Chinese territory on a “secret mission,” but the dialogue and scenes seem to deliberately highlight the backdrop of the Galwan Valley conflict. The film production company repeatedly hyped and sensationalised the conflict in Galwan Valley before the film’s release.

3. It is evident that this is no longer a simple film, but more a piece of anti-China propaganda. Some Indian media referred to it as a “patriotic film.” This must be corrected. It is by no means a patriotic film, but a film of narrow-minded nationalism that promotes hatred. This is something that no modern civilised country can tolerate.

4. This film has has crossed the bottom line of film and television works. China was portrayed as the “villain” and “enemy of India.” Because of this, and the hype made by the film’s production team and Indian public opinion, the final effect is like spreading ideological toxins in Indian society. The more people watch it, the larger the scope of contamination.

Editorial Viewpoint

Since Indians feel that China is not a hero but a villain for them, the same will be portrayed in an Indian film. If China has an objection to this, it should behave as a friend of India first !

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