Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad working towards creating patriots in colleges !

The following article introduces Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad to the readers as it enters its 75th anniversary year on 9th July…..

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) was formed on 9 July 1949. This organisation with its nationalist and pro-Hindutva ideology has been working for the welfare of students in educational and social fields for the last several decades. This organisation has entered its 75th anniversary this year. On that occasion, our representative interacted with the National General Secretary of ABVP, Dr Yagywalkya Shukla. We are hereby detailing this report.

Dr Yagywalkya Shukla (National General Secretary, ABVP)

1. ABVP’s contribution towards creating patriots in colleges !

Anti-nationalism has no place in Indian universities. Basically, no university in our country is anti-India. People who make anti-India statements in some universities become more popular in the media. There are only a handful of them, and people have so far rejected them. No one supports them. Their shops are closing down. I can tell you that the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi still has a large number of patriotic students studying there. ‘The very policy of the communist organisations is to reject the Government institutions of India, to reject the Indian army, to reject the republican system of India’. Marx and Lenin are their role-models. That is why communists are misled. In such a situation, ABVP works towards creating patriots in colleges.

2. International conspiracy to make the young generation drug addicts !

Today, many advanced countries are afraid of the talent of India’s young generation. They fear that India’s young generation will rule several domains in the world. As a result, a big conspiracy is being hatched by them against the young generation of India. It is a fact that today India’s young generation is addicted to smartphones, but the biggest challenge they face is drug addiction. There is an international conspiracy to make youth drug addicts. Our neighbouring countries are making constant attempts for it. A large amount of drug trafficking is seen on the borders of States like Punjab and Tripura. Drugs are smuggled into India through Nepal. Today drug abuse has become a fashion. I think efforts are being made to target the young generation through this and this is the biggest challenge in front of us.

3. Love Jihad is nothing but terrorism !

Love Jihad is a conspiracy. Love Jihad is waged through luring, deceit, torture, cheating, and threatening. The movie ‘The Kerala Story’ has brought forth this truth to the people in real terms. This crisis is not common. Matriarchy is being attacked through it. If Muslim youths really want to love, they should do so by introducing their true Muslim identity. They should not pretend to love by introducing themselves using fake Hindu nicknames like Sonu, Tinu, etc. Why do they love with such lies and threats ? This is not love, but a well-planned conspiracy to destroy the family system in India. To prevent this, it is necessary to create awareness and alertness among the students. Parents should keep an eye on their daughters. Now the Islamic clerics should come before society and appeal to stop this kind of practice in the name of Islam. Love Jihad is a new form of terrorism. Those committing such acts should be booked by the Government under the National Security Act and strict action should be taken against them. As this is a social crisis, the entire society needs to be aware along with ABVP.

4. One movement for the country !

Our objective is ‘Reconstruction of the Nation’. Everyone should progress. There should not be poverty and discrimination in the country. The development of all elements of the country is in a true sense the development of India. Youth should be educated and they should also get employment. A self-respecting young generation should be created. 75 years of ABVP has been dedicated to India’s development and Indian citizens. For that, we have started ‘One Movement for the Country’.

India will become a Vishwaguru only due to the young generation !

The contribution of youth to the development of India is huge. The talented young generation is active in all fields like social, science, and technology. The speed of work and enthusiasm among the youth is immense. Today’s young generation doesn’t just sit around discussing problems, they find solutions to them. However, in order to not let them go astray, suitable examples should be set in front of them, and they should be given direction from time to time because India will become a Vishwaguru only due to the young generation !

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