Hindu family forced to convert by applying oil on their foreheads in Daund, Ahilyanagar !

3 Christian women from Daund taken into custody !

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Ahilyanagar (Maharashtra) – Three women from Daund lured a poor family in Kashti in Shrigonda Taluka by claiming that ‘If you embrace Christianity, children will get married, problems in the house will be solved’ and prayed after applying oil on their foreheads and forcing them to convert. Mayur Madre has lodged a complaint at Shrigonde Police Station in this case and the Police have registered a case against 3 women. The three Christian women arrested by the Police are identified as Namrata Varanse (27-year-old), Sharada Saundade (27-year-old), and Vaishali Pawar (36-year-old). (Please note that converted Christians do not change their Hindu names even after converting to Christianity, this is because they want to stay in Hindu society and convert other Hindus. Such converts are more dangerous to Hindu society ! – Editor)

A youth named Prakash Madre (20-year-old) lives with his mother and brother in Kashti. These 3 women visited his house and tried to convert them in the aforementioned manner. Despite rejecting to convert to Christianity, the women said, ‘If you do not pray to our God, you will be harmed’. (Devotees’ wishes are also fulfilled after praying to Hindu Deities. If all the problems get resolved by praying in a Christian manner, then why a number of churches abroad are abandoned ? Christian women should answer why many Christians have stopped going to church ! – Editor) Prakash called Pratik Pachpute and informed him about this. The latter informed the Police. When the Police interrogated the women, they found something suspicious in their narrative and took them into custody. Police are searching for the mastermind in this case.

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