One-hundred incidents of bomb-hurling between two factions of Trinamool Congress

  • Violence in the wake of Panchayat Samiti elections in Bengal
  • Police seize 12 bombs in Bankura District

Violence in Canning, Bengal (Credit : Deccan Herald)

Kolkata – Violence broke out between two factions of the ruling Trinamool Congress in Canning town of Dakshin 24 Parganas District. Party workers from 2 factions hurled bombs at each other in 100 incidents. This violence took place against the backdrop of Panchayat Samiti elections which are due to be held in Bengal on 8th July.

A meeting of Trinamool Congress members was held in Canning town to finalise the list of candidates contesting the Panchayat Samiti elections. At that time workers from 2 factions hurled bombs at each other.

Later, Trinamool Congress leader Saibal Lahiri’s supporters blocked traffic on the side road of the bus stand. Lahiri’s supporters alleged that he was stopped by workers from another faction of the Trinamool Congress when he was on his way to file nomination papers at the provincial office. Workers from another faction are believed to be close to Trinamool Congress MLA Paresh Ram.

Bengal Panchayat poll nomination violence (Credit : India Today)

While the Police were patrolling in Bankura District, they seized a bag from a four-wheeler which contained 12 bombs in it. Police have arrested 8 people in this case.

Against the backdrop of ongoing violence in the wake of Panchayat Samiti elections in the State, the High Court has ordered the deployment of CRPF in sensitive Districts.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The ruling Trinamool Congress is nothing but a bomb-making party ! Party workers hurling bombs at each other at 100 places shows how much stockpile of bombs this party’s leaders and workers have. This anti-social party which is filled with such people needs to be banned !
  • A party that has workers hurling bombs at each other and committing violence being in power in a State, is a blot on democracy ! Why the so-called defenders of democracy do not utter a word of protest about the violence being carried out by the Trinamool Congress ?
  • No surprise if law and order goes for a toss in the State where the ruling party has such workers !

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