Close to 38% Court cases in the country pending due to Advocates, Police and Witnesses

  • Report by ‘Data Grid’
  • A total of 4,36,20,827 cases pending across the country
  • 6% cases pending due to adjournment by Courts

(Credit : IAS Gyan)

New Delhi – As many as 4,36,20,827 cases are pending from lower Courts to the Supreme Court of the country. Police, lawyers and witnesses play an important role in the Court to settle cases. But they are also the reason behind 38% of the pending cases in the country. This number is 1,69,53,527. ‘Data Grid’ has released a report on the causes of pending cases in the country. This shocking information has come out from it.

According to this report,

14% of the cases i.e. 61,57,268 are pending due to advocates. They are absent during the hearing of the cases. (Stringent action should be taken against such advocates ! – Editor)

In 2% of the cases i.e. 8,82,000 the litigant and defendant have stopped coming to the Court. (If so, those cases should be dropped – Editor)

15% of the cases i.e. 66,58,131 are pending because hearing got delayed due to absence of accused or key witness. Out of these, as many as 36,20,029 accused have absconded on bail. (It is a shame for the Indian Police – Editor)

Out of the cases pending in various Courts of the country, there are 26,45,687 cases adjourned by the Courts. Out of this, 1,960 by the Supreme Court and 1,69,000 were adjourned by the High Courts.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • This is a good but shameful example of debacle of work due to a system without spirituality.
  • If we look at these statistics, it can be said that the Indian judicial system is at the ‘mercy of God’. This strain on the system should not only be reduced, but all cases should be handled properly to ensure justice for every citizen. For this, it is essential to take 100% effective measures on war footing.

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