‘If India, Pakistan and Bangladesh form an ‘Akhand Bharat’, it will have a Muslim Prime Minister !’ : Empty claim by Shoaib Jamai

Also makes a statement about ‘Baba’ having to run with the loin cloth

Shoaib Jamai

New Delhi – ‘I swear to God, by Allah’s grace that the day should come when India transforms into Akhand Bharat. If 25 crore Muslims from Pakistan, 25 crore Muslims from Bangladesh and 25 crore Muslims from India unite, they will become 75 crore Muslims. That day, we will have our own Muslim Prime Minister in this country and 250 Muslim Members of Parliament; claimed Shoaib Jamai, the Chairperson of India Muslim Foundation during a discussion on a Television channel. He further said that I will change my name if in 2024, Baba doesn’t have to run away with his loin cloth.

An audio-visual clip with these statements is being circulated on social media. The television channel that aired the programme is not yet known and it is also not clear as to ‘which Baba was he referring’. Some people have complained to the UP and Delhi Police about these statements. There is a rising demand to register a case of sedition against Jamai.

The ground reality is such that Akhand Bharat does not seem to be a possibility in the future ! –  Jamai’s explanation

Shoaib Jamai is a Professor at Jamia Millia Islamia University. He has tried to tweet an explanation after his video created a controversy. Jamai said, ‘RSS speaks about Akhand Bharat. What might or might not happen under those circumstances is what I have tried to point out. There will be rise in population. Geo-political situation shall undergo a change.  All (Muslims) shall have to undergo a religious conversion. Why would anyone undergo a religious conversion ? Will it be out of fear or forced ? If they don’t get converted, I mentioned that the nation might have a Muslim Prime Minister. This has led to people abusing and threatening me. Hence, I say that one should not dream about this. How long are you going to continue to be deluded ?  The ground reality is that Akhand Bharat is not a possibility in the future. Make the nation in which you live right now, a better place.’

Editorial Viewpoint

Hindus should take a note of the Muslim view about Akhand Bharat. On giving due consideration to this view, it will become evident why the nation needs to be made a Hindu Rashtra first, to strengthen the condition of Hindus.

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