How can you even argue with those who say ‘Puranas already contain scientific findings’ ? : Naseeruddin Shah

Hindu hater actor Naseeruddin Shah’s criticism on the chief of ISRO

(Credit : Filmy Hungama)

Mumbai – In an interview Naseeruddin Shah stated, “The head of ISRO, I think she is a lady, says ‘Ye saari scientific discoveries purano mein hai (all these scientific discoveries were in the puranas) and that the West takes undue credit for this by considering them European inventions.’ Now how can you even argue to that? What conversation can you have with such a personality?” Naseeruddin Shah currently stars as Mughal emperor Akbar in ZEE5’s Taj: Reign of Revenge.

“Instead of science, we are going back to superstitions.  (Does naseeruddin Shah even know the difference between faith and superstition ? – Editor) ‘This will cure cancer, this will make aircraft fly, that will do so and so.’ They have removed Charles Darwin from biology textbooks, the theory of evolution is gone. Next would be Einstein, then I don’t know what they will teach us,” Shah said. (Truth always prevails. Whatever is false always surfaces and society rejects the untruth. The same thing has occurred in Charles Darvin’s theory case. Naseeruddin Shah seems to be ignorant about this fact and is speaking about Hindu’s Puranas, which is ridiculous. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Hindu-haters, who do not even follow this simple social etiquette that if we do not know about a subject, it is better to keep quiet, are making fun of themselves ! It should not be surprising if Hindus boycott the films of such anti-Hindu actors !
  • The Hindu scriptures say that the earth was round thousands of years ago; but in the books of other sects it is written that the earth is flat, why Naseeruddin Shah does not talk about it ?

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