Converted through online gaming app, Jain boy starts visiting mosque for offering namaz !

Ghaziabad (UP) – A case of conversion has come to light in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. A 17-year-old boy from a Jain family was brainwashed through an online gaming app. After that, the boy started visiting the mosque to offer namaz 5 times a day. When the family learnt about this, the boy accepted that he had converted under the influence of Zakir Naik. The victim’s father has filed a complaint at the Kavinagar Police Station in Ghaziabad.

According to a news agency, the victim’s family lives in Rajnagar in Ghaziabad. The victim boy used to leave the house 5 times a day on the pretext of going to gym. When the father grew suspicious about it, he followed the boy and found that the latter was visiting the mosque each time and offering namaz. When he confronted about this with his son, the boys said that he has embraced Islam.

When the father checked the son’s mobile and laptop, he found a lot of content related to Islam. Then he learnt that his son had befriended a person named Baddo through an online gaming app. The victim had bought computer accessories from Baddo. Since then their friendship grew. The victim used to talk to Baddo for hours. Many suspicious numbers have also been found on his mobile phone. The father of the boy said that his son is a minor and is brainwashed. And hence, the boy is talking about leaving the house and staying with the imam of the mosque. Besides this, he has also expressed fear that his son is involved in anti-national activities.

Regarding this entire case, Kavinagar Superintendent of Police Abhishek Srivastav said that based on the complaint of the victim’s father, a case has been registered against both the imam of a mosque in Sanjaynagar and Baddo, a resident of Mumbai. The case is being investigated and further action is underway.

Editorial Viewpoint

Public should become aware of the conspiracy of jihadis who convert through different tricks ! A strict anti-conversion law is needed to prevent such cases !

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