Bajrang Dal opposes ‘The Creator: Sarjanhar’ movie for endorsing Love Jihad

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Bajrang Dal has staged protests against the movie ‘The Creator: Sarjanhar’. Bajrang Dal activists staged protests outside the theatre where the movie was to be screened. It has been alleged by Bajrang Dal that the film endorses Love Jihad.

Famous actor Dayanand Shetty of the ‘CID’ serial is playing the lead role in this movie. The film has been released across the country on 26th May. The film is directed by Parveen Hingonia and produced by Rajesh Karate Guruji. The film depicts the love story of youths from different religions. The film conveys the message that people should forget religion and spread love.

Rajesh Karate Guruji, the producer of this film said that I request people from all faiths not to commit riots or violence in the name of religion. Why do you kill someone to defend religion ? Kill religion and save humanity. (Why doesn’t Rajesh Karate Guruji make films about Jihadi terrorists, how Islam and Christianity spread in the world, and how it is still spreading today ? Why doesn’t he make such a film and pass the message of ‘killing religion and saving humanity’ through it ? – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

If someone makes a film about violence against Hindus, it is opposed by the so-called progressives and hypocritical secularists; however, when someone endorses Love Jihad, all of them remain silent !

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