A 13-year-old student raped several times by 5 students in a Govt school in Chandigarh

Threatened her to keep quiet by plotting false theft accusation

(File photo) Credit : Indian Express

Chandigarh (Haryana) – A shocking incident has come to light that a student studying in the VII Standard of a Government school  ‘Modern School’ was raped several times by some students of the same school. The Police revealed that this disgusting act was done inside the school premises as well as outside. This incident came to light on 18th May. The Police have registered a case and the accused have been sent to the juvenile detention centre.

The 13-year-old victim was first raped by a student studying in her class. At that time, the student accused the victim of theft and asked her to keep quiet. After that, 4 students studying in Class IX also raped her at different times, at different places. At first, a teacher of the school came to know about these incidents. Then the principal was told about it, following this, the Police, as well as the victim’s family were informed. All the five accused have been sent to the juvenile detention centre. The victim is receiving counselling.

Editorial Viewpoints

This incident shows, to which extent the moral degradation of the young generation had taken place. This is the resultant of giving only materialistic education to the children. In fact, the only solution to avoid such incidents is to teach them the Dharma and Sadhana and get that practised by them. When will Hindus realise this ?

Juvenile accused cannot be prosecuted but such incidents underline the necessity of the action against them. Is the Indian system that frames non-spiritual based laws has any solution to this ?

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