Make a Muslim the Deputy Chief Minister


  • Karnataka Waqf Board makes this demand since Congress wins in Karnataka because of Muslims
  • Of the 9 Muslims elected, give 5 important Ministries including Home, Revenue, Education and Health
(Right side) Karnataka Waqf Board chief Shafi Sadi (Image credit : India Posts English)

Bengaluru (Karnataka) –It is being said that the reason for BJP’s defeat in Karnataka is the en masse voting by the Muslims for the Congress. Muslim organisations have now begun raising their demands with the Congress. The Karnataka Waqf Board has demanded that of the 9 Muslims elected, one should be made the Deputy Chief Minister, and five others be given important Ministries including Home, Revenue, Education and Health.

1. Karnataka Waqf Board Chief Shafi Sadi said that the Congress won purely because of the Muslims in about 67-72 constituencies. “We gave a lot to the Congress. Now it’s time we get something in return. And this is the responsibility of the Congress, that they should thank us.” Shafi Sadi added that an emergency meeting had been organised at the Sunni Ulema Board to decide this.

2. Shafi Sadi said, “Having a Muslim as the Deputy Chief Minister was our demand before the elections itself. It must be fulfilled. We are only asking for a Deputy CM to be a Muslim. Ideally, it should be a Muslim CM because Karnataka has never had one in its history, and 90 lakh people in Karnataka are Muslims. We are the largest minority community apart from the SCs”.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Muslims had demanded the Partition of India from the Congress in a similar manner and the Congress agreed to it, since it wanted to form the Government. Now too, we should not be surprised if the same Congress agrees to the demands made by the Muslims !
  • Has the Hindu majority ever asked the Congress (or any other party that has come to power) for anything citing the reason of being a Hindu ? Or will the Hindus raise any demands at all ? And even if they do, will any political party give the Hindus what they ask citing the reason for being Hindus ? 

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