Canada and China expel each other’s diplomats

Conflict due to China’s alleged interference in Canada’s internal matters

Toronto/Beijing – Canada and China have expelled each other’s diplomats from their own countries, which caused tension between these two countries.

Canada’s intelligence agencies had submitted a report to the Government, which reported, ‘Chinese diplomat in Canada, Zhao Wei, is interfering with Canada’s internal matters. By doing this, China has conspired to destabilise the Canadian Government. Wei is also targeting Canada’s MPs’.

After this report, the Canadian Government took the bold decision of expelling Zhao Wei from Canada. As a response, China also expelled Canadian diplomat in China, Jennifer Lynn Lalonde. She has been asked to leave China by 13th May.

(Credit : The Globe and Mail)

Michael Chong, a Canadian MP, had criticised China’s oppression of Uyghur Muslims. China was angered by this and started troubling Michael Chong and his family in China. The report also revealed that in 2019 and 2021, China interfered with Canada’s internal elections and tried to get their favourite candidates elected. After this report from the intelligence agencies, Michael Chong appealed to the Canadian Government to expel Zhao Wei. Accordingly, Zhao was expelled.

Last year, the Canadian Prime Minister had also reacted to the Chinese interference within Canada.

Will not tolerate Chinese interference – Canada

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly reacted, ‘There has been chaos in our country due to Chinese interference. Hence, our Government has asked a Chinese diplomat in Toronto, Zhao Wei, to leave the country. The decision was critical for us. We cannot tolerate any foreign interference in our internal matters. All the foreign diplomats have been warned that such acts would invoke expulsion’.

Not interested in Canada’s internal matters – China

(Credit : South China Morning Post)

China has dismissed all the allegations by Canada. China states, ‘We are not interested in any country’s internal matters. We have never interfered with Canada’s internal matters. Our diplomats have performed their duties as per the international agreement and bilateral relations with Canada. But the Canadian Government is supporting anti-China elements. We shall never tolerate this. We condemn the expulsion of Zhao Wei from Canada.

Editorial Viewpoint

China also tries this tactic in India all the time. Considering this, it is in the interest of India to expel the Chinese diplomat and also break all relations with China ! Will India learn anything from Canada ?

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