Case of lakhs of rupees spent on facilities at Government residence of Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal

Press bodies condemn arrest of ‘Times Now Navbharat’ woman journalist by Punjab Police

New Delhi – Police in Ludhiana, Punjab arrested ‘Times Now Navbharat’ journalist Bhawana Kishore, cameraman Mrityunjay Kumar and driver Parminder Singh, who had gone there for news coverage. Press bodies across the country condemned this arrest on 6th May. The Court has granted interim bail to Bhawana Kishore for 2 days. The next hearing will be held on 8th May. The news channel had prominently reported that lakhs of rupees were spent on luxurious facilities at Kejriwal’s Government residence in Delhi. After this news, action was taken.

Bhawana Kishore and her colleagues had gone for news coverage after being invited to attend an event of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann in Ludhiana. They were stopped there. While returning from there, they were forced to stop by the women activists of ‘AAP’. (In democracy, one has to register opposition peacefully. ‘AAP’ is said to be a democratic party but such incidents show its anti-democratic behavior ! – Editor) As the argument escalated, the activists called the local Police. The activists complained to the Police that Bhawana Kishore and her colleagues made derogatory caste-based remarks. After that, these three were booked.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Dictatorship of Aam Aadmi Party ! Since the party that pretends to be the ‘common people’s party’ is doing dictatorship in this way, now the people should show them their place !
  • Where are the so-called “democracy advocates” now hiding who keep shouting that the BJP Government at the Centre is oppressing the journalists ?