When Congress comes to power, we will “chop off” the judge’s tongue who sentenced Rahul Gandhi

  • TN Congress leader threatens to chop off judge`s tongue!
  • The Police have registered a case against Manikandan

Chennai – “When we will come to power, we will chop off the tongue of the judge who delivered the verdict to send our leader Rahul Gandhi to jail,” said Manikandan, Congress Dindigul District president during a protest organised by the party on 6th April 2023, according to the reports.

The Police have registered a case against Manikandan. Rahul Gandhi has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment by Surat Sessions Court Judge H Verma, in the Modi surname defamation case. Rahul Gandhi has got bail.

(Credit : TIMES NOW)

Editorial Viewpoint

With such leaders, how will Congress rule lawfully ?

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