Pressure on a Hindu teacher by the Principal of an Urdu School to give false attendance to students !

Loot of Government grants by showing false attendance of students !

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Davengere (Karnataka) – The Headmistress Ruminaz of an Urdu school in Davangere was pressuring the Hindu teacher to mark ‘present’ to those students who were not attending the class. When the Hindu teacher refused to do this, she was not paid a salary for 3 months by Ruminaz. Hence, the teacher filed a complaint with the Police. She requested an inquiry into the matter, stating that ‘Grants are taken by giving false reports showing students who are not coming to school as present’.

Schools taking Government grants by submitting false reports should be derecognised ! – Hindu Janjagruti Samiti

Mr Mohan Gowda State Spokesperson of the HJS

Mr Mohan Gowda State Spokesperson of the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti responding to the press about this incident said, ‘The State has 1,000 Urdu Schools, there have been numerous complaints made to the Education Department that schools are taking State grants by filing false reports. The Government should conduct an inquiry into the Urdu schools and madarasas about this and those found indulging in this corruption should be promptly derecognised.

Editorial viewpoint

It is necessary that the Karnataka Government takes strict action against those responsible for this in the State’s Urdu schools.

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