Zakir Naik publicly converts a Hindu woman in Oman

He also alleged that Muslims in India are being oppressed !

(Credit – India Postsen)

Muscat (Oman) – An incident of a public conversion of a Hindu woman in Oman by Zakir Naik has come to light. Zakir Naik who is on the run from India is a role model for jihadi terrorists for spreading religious hatred and misappropriating funds.

While converting the woman, Zakir asked her, do you believe that God is one ? Do you believe that no one other than Allah should be worshipped ? Do you believe that Idol worship is wrong ? Do you believe Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet ? The woman replied to all the above questions in the affirmative. After converting this woman he said that now you must also convert your friends and relatives to Islam.

(Credit : Zee Business)

Zakir further said that the majority of the Hindus in India love him and that is why thousands of people come to his lectures and listen to him. He said he is currently being targeted over vote-bank politics and Muslims are being oppressed in India.

The Government of India wants to extradite Zakir back

Arindam Bagchi, the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Indian External Affairs said that all necessary steps will be taken to bring Zakir Naik to India as he is an accused in India. Hence, we are trying to speak to the Omani Government to extradite him back to India.