BMC demolishes illegal construction around the mazar in the Mahim Bay !

Impact of Raj Thackeray’s warning !

Mumbai – The illegal construction around the mazar in the Mahim Bay, was demolished on 23rd March by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), after Raj Thackeray’s warning regarding the same. During the Gudhipadwa Melawa (public meeting) of MNS at the Shivaji Park, Raj Thackeray had warned that if illegal construction around the mazar is not demolished within a month, he would build a huge Ganesh temple next to the mazar. The Administration suddenly became active after the warning and took the action immediately.
During the said meeting, Raj Thackeray also displayed the pictures of growing illegal construction around the mazar. A Dargah is being constructed around the mazar since last 2 years. He alleged that second ‘Haji Ali’ is coming up in the Mahim Bay around this mazar.

After Raj Thackeray’s warning, the Mumbai Police immediately provided protection to the mazar. On 23rd March, the officials of BMC’s Anti-encroachment Squad reached the Mahim Bay at 7 a.m. The illegal construction around the mazar was demolished in the morning under huge Police protection.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The Administration became active after the warning. Why no action was taken on this illegal construction earlier ? Action should be taken on the officials who are responsible for this delay !
  • The State Administration is expected to find and take action against all illegal mazars, dargahs and mosques across the State !

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