Demand for a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is not Religious Fanaticism ! : Mr Ranjit Savarkar

Mr Ranjit Savarkar, Mr Abhay Vartak, Mr Sunil Ghanwat and Dr (Mrs) Deeksha Pendbhaje

Panvel (Maharashtra) – Mr Sunil Ghanwat (Organiser of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh), Dr (Mrs) Deeksha Pendbhaje (Mumbai Coordinator of ‘Ranaragini’)and Mr Abhay Vartak (Dharmapracharak of Sanatan Sanstha) spoke at the Hindu Rashtra-Jagruti Sabha organised here by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS).

The people of Panvel pledged to devote time to the work of establishing ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Practice spirituality to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ! : Mr Abhay Vartak

Why are Hindus all over India demanding a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ today ? It is the efforts of generations of Hindus that Hindus have awakened ! Education on Dharma is not allowed in Government-aided schools; but religious education is being given in minority schools. Today, no country faces obstacles even if they lack English education. Governments have taken over temples to loot their funds. Today, Dharma needs your time ! ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is inevitable when 100 crore Hindus of India demand it. However, for its establishment, besides unity, spiritual strength is also required. For this Hindus need to increase the level of their worship, and thus, their strength.

Every Hindu woman must take self-defence training besides practicing Dharma ! : Dr (Mrs) Pendbhaje

Every era has benefitted immensely from the contribution of women in protecting the Nation & Dharma. But in Kaliyug, women have to fight for themselves. It is true that women are not safe in today’s secular India. However, women must not forget that the instinct to face every challenge still runs through our veins. Issues like ‘Love Jihad’ are a thorn for the Hindus. To remove such thorns, Hindu women need to turn to history for inspiration and take self-defence training besides practicing Dharma.

Islamic, Christian, Secular state or a Hindu Rashtra ? You decide ! : Mr Sunil Ghanwat

Halal products are being forcibly sold to 80% Hindu community bowing to the demands of 14% Muslims in India. The hereditary lands of Indians is being usurped on a massive scale through the Wakf Act. Jihadis have hatched a conspiracy to make India an Islamic country by 2047. True history can never surface without ending the glorification of the likes of Aurangzeb and Afzal Khan. Our agitation will not stop till every historical fort is freed from Islamic encroachment. Stringent laws are required to punish those who deny and falsify history. One lakh Hindus were converted over a 2-year-period. Hindu Dharmapracharaks must prepare to counter this. All these crises are destroying Hindu Dharma. It is time to decide whether you want an Islamic, Christian, Khalistani, Secular or ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !

Mumbai in the clutches of Muslims ! : Mr Ranjit Savarkar

Today, Hindu ways of worship are being trampled upon. Therefore, there is a need to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. There are 5,000 mini Pakistans in India including Mumbai, which is in the clutches of Muslims. In Dadar area alone, taxi drivers, scavengers, electricians, carpenters are mostly Muslim.

Don’t let the 1947 blunder repeat in 2047 !

We have been wrongly taught that the concept of ‘Nation’ did not exist before our Independence. Our first Prime Minister Nehru also advocated this. Today too, the same history is being taught to us. Mahabharat dates back to 5,000 years. At that time, Bhishmacharya narrated the history of 300 generations to Yudhishthir. This glorious history of Hindus is being suppressed even though it has a scientific basis. The British understood that if the history of the Nation is suppressed, its pride can be destroyed. While re-establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, one should understand the glorious history of India. Religious fanaticism and craving to loot has destroyed many powers in the world. India was also affected by it. Don’t let the 1947 blunder repeat in 2047 !

The British understood that if the history of a Nation is suppressed, its pride can be destroyed ! This is happening today too !