When will the Secularists realise the reality of the Fundamentalists who are creating chaos ?

Mr Shankar G Pandey

The history of Hindu-Muslim riots in India is very old. If someone writes its history, it will become a big book. In India, communal riots often take place between Hindus and Muslims for some reason or the other. Here is an article on this problem and its solutions.

1. The shadowy stand of Supreme Court on Nupur Sharma’s statement

Today, it has become difficult for Hindus to get justice in this country. When they do not get justice from the rulers who favour Muslims and the administration works under their orders, as a last resort they knock on the doors of the Courts. They expect that they will get justice at least in the Courts; but alas, there are some Judges there who have malice towards Hindus. They lack the impartiality that is mandatory in providing justice; thus, Hindus are at the receiving end of the Courts as well.

The same happened with regards to Nupur Sharma. Petitions were filed against her in various Indian Courts for her so-called controversial statements on Prophet Mohammad, while cases were registered in Police stations in some States. A petition was filed by Nupur Sharma in the Supreme Court seeking the transfer of all the FIRs registered against her in the States to Delhi for investigation.

Earlier, such petitions had been filed by anti-Hindu painter Maqbool Fida Husain, Zakir Naik, Arnav Goswami. The Honourable Judge’s duty should have been to either accept or reject Nupur’s plea; but unfortunately, Justice Suryakant and Justice JB Pardiwala rejected her petition. They crossed their limits by expressing their opinion unnecessarily and prejudicially.

The Supreme Court came down heavily on suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma over her remarks. Justice Pardiwala said – “Nupur Sharma’s statement has threatened the security of the Nation. This statement is responsible for the unfortunate killing in Udaipur. Nupur Sharma is single-handedly responsible for what has happened across the country”. The SC said that her remarks against the Prophet were made either for ‘cheap publicity, a political agenda or for some nefarious activities’. Nupur Sharma’s Advocate Maninder Singh said that she apologised for her remarks and withdrew the comments. To this, the SC Bench replied that she should have gone to the TV and apologised to the Nation. She was too late to withdraw.

What do we say about such remarks ? Advocate Maninder Singh said, “During the debate, some members of the panel on TV were repeatedly making derogatory statements about Shivalinga. Nupur Sharma had no intention of insulting any religion. Yet, if this is the role of the Court, it is an infringement of the freedom of expression”. Instead of reviewing his statement, the Honourable Judges added, “Freedom of expression comes with certain responsibilities”.

2. Opinion of a Maulana in Pakistan on the views of the Supreme Court

No one will disagree that freedom of expression comes with awareness of social responsibility; but, the question is – Is this the duty of only Hindus ? Will Muslims be given the freedom to insult and pass derogatory remarks about Hindu Gods and Goddesses as per their whims and fancies ? According to reports in a newspaper, Maulana Engineer Muhammad Ali (in Pakistan) said, “It was because Taslim Ahmed Rahmani made offensive statements about Hindu Gods and Goddesses during a discussion on a news channel that Nupur Sharma gave him a ‘tit for tat’ reply; but, the Judge did not comment on the objectionable statement made by him. Further, the Honourable Judges do not say anything about the hundreds of threats received by Nupur Sharma from fanatics in India and abroad, of beheading and raping her, nor do they say that the Government should provide adequate protection to Nupur Sharma”.

3. The so-called secularists always address Hindus as criminals

Unfortunately in our country, only those who prevent a heinous act are called criminals and those who perform such acts are considered innocent !

A similar incident took place in Gujarat in 2002 which triggered the terrible riots between Hindus and Muslims. A train coach at Godhra Railway station was set ablaze. In the ensuing inferno, 52 innocent Rambhaktas (devotees of Shriram or Karsevaks) who were coming from Ayodhya were burnt alive. This led to riots in Gujarat. These riots were a reaction to the brutal act of fanatic Muslims who had inhumanly burnt 52 innocent Rambhaktas.

If the fanatics had not committed such a heinous act that put the entire humanity to shame, the Gujarat riots would not have taken place.
However, anti-Hindu leaders, media and some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) nurtured on foreign aid blamed Hindus and the then Chief Minister (now Prime Minister) of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, for the riots. Modi was tortured endlessly. Many hurled abuses, calling him ‘Maut ka Saudagar (Merchant of death)’, and so on; but, Narendra Modi was acquitted of all the charges. However, no one ever blamed the fanatics who burnt 52 Rambhaktas alive for the riots, nor did they shed a tear for their needless heinous death.

Now the same is happening with regard to Nupur Sharma. All she did was to respond to some accusation; however, her response was attacked with the use of angry and vile language by the entire Muslim world and the hypocritical secularists. The very same people conveniently and deliberately ignored the original act. That Muslim fundamentalists and hypocritical secularists will ignore this stark reality can be understood; for, they always do it as if it is their right to target Hindus. However, that the Honourable Court found Nupur Sharma fully guilty and put unnecessary pressure on her is surprising and full of disparity. These comments have encouraged the fundamentalists further; as if they have found a new baton to spank the Hindus. Hindu society, on the other hand, has been made to stand for no reason in the cage of the accused. They have become pariahs.

4. Petition filed for a fair hearing of Nupur’s case

Society has reacted very strongly to the harsh remarks of the Judges on Nupur Sharma. To avoid extending the article, these reactions from various constituents of society cannot be listed here; but these reactions show how angry the people are about the Court’s unfortunate remarks.

People are shocked to see that even Judges are so biased against Hindus. Finally, a petition was filed by social worker Ajay Gautam before Chief Justice NV Ramana demanding that the Honourable Court’s remarks against Nupur Sharma be reversed and that her case be heard impartially.

5. Anger expressed in support of Nupur Sharma by 117 dignitaries over the remarks of the Judges

117 dignitaries in the country, including 15 retired Judges, 77 retired senior administrative officers, 25 retired Army officers issued an open statement expressing their anger over the remarks of the Judges.

These dignitaries said that the harsh statement of the Judges has crossed their line of duty. They also hinted that even though it is not a part of the Court order, reprimanding Nupur Sharma may have a very adverse effect on the values and security of the country’s Democracy.
These dignitaries said that the seniority (roster) of the Judges who made the statement should be reduced till their retirement. It has also been demanded that the statements made by the Judges in Nupur Sharma’s case be withdrawn.

6. Who is responsible for the hundreds of Hindu-Muslim riots in the country ?

The Goddess of Justice is blindfolded and holds a scale (meaning justice). The intent of this image is to convey that the Goddess of Justice should deliver justice not blindly, but by setting aside all prejudices, personal opinions and give decisions neutrally, impartially and boldly. She should not disturb the balance of the scales by putting her weight in any of the scales.

If Nupur Sharma’s statement is responsible for the murder of Kanhaiyalal in Rajasthan, Umesh Kolhe in Amravati (Maharashtra) and Praveen Nettaru (a member of BJP’s Yuva Morcha in Karnataka), then who is responsible for the hundreds of Hindus who have been killed by extremists in Bengal, Kerala and Maharashtra earlier ?

The list of innocent Hindus who have been killed for the slightest of reasons cannot be mentioned here to avoid extending the article.
If Nupur Sharma’s statement has worsened the atmosphere in the country and religious tension has been compounded, then who is responsible for the hundreds of Hindu-Muslim riots that have taken place in the country since pre-Independence and are still taking place ? Who is responsible for the hundreds of bomb blasts and suicide attacks by fundamentalists that have resulted in immeasurable loss of lives and loss to the wealth of Hindus ?

Not only the statement of the likes of Nupur Sharma, but a trivial reason is enough for the fundamentalists (who have the goal of Jihad) to create anarchy in this country. When will the so-called secularists who have blindfolded themselves with the band of Hindu hatred, realise this reality ? Is it going to be after the Hindus in entire India reach a state like the Hindus in Kashmir, after suffering endless torture, after being humiliated, or before ?

– Mr Shankar G Pandey, Pusad, District Yavatmal, Maharashtra (9.1.2023)

Only those who prevent a heinous act are called criminals and those who perform such acts are considered innocent !