Rahul Gandhi claims his phone had spy software Pegasus !

Rahul Gandhi claims at Cambridge University

Rahul Gandhi

London (UK) – ‘My phone is being spied on. As the leader of the opposition in India, I have to bear such pressure all the time. A large number of politicians have Pegasus (a spying system) on their phones. I also had Pegasus on my phone. I was called by the intelligence officers and told to be careful when I talk on the mobile phone because they said they were recording it. This is a constant pressure that we feel’, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said. Rahul Gandhi was invited as a guest at Cambridge University in Britain. Congress leader Sam Pitroda has shared a video of him lecturing the students. Gandhi is seen making the above claim in this video.

In this video, Rahul Gandhi further says, ‘Crimes are registered against opponents. Several criminal cases have also been registered against me. Many of these crimes are reported for the wrong reasons. If there is such an attack on the country’s media and democratic system, it becomes difficult for you as an opposition to speak up. All the pillars of democracy like parliament, independent media, and judiciary have been constrained. So, we are facing an attack on the basic structure of Indian democracy. India is called a Union of States in the Constitution of India. A discussion with that Union is necessary. Now, this dialogue itself is in trouble. Leaders of opposition parties were discussing some issues. They were put in jail. This has happened 3-4 times. They were extremely violent’.

(Credit : CAPITAL TV)

Rahul Gandhi tries to defame India abroad with the help of foreign friends ! – BJP

Union Minister and BJP leader Anurag Thakur has criticised Rahul Gandhi’s claims. He said that Pegasus is not anywhere else but in Rahul Gandhi’s head. For what fear did he not submit his mobile to the investigating agencies for investigation ? What was in it ? He cannot digest constant defeats.

Rahul goes abroad and tries to defame India with the help of foreign friends. What is the policy of Congress ?