A friend in need is a friend indeed

Turkiye lauds India for prompt assistance after the devastating earthquake

New Delhi – In both the languages, Turkish and Hindi, ‘Dost’ is the word for friend. ‘दोस्त कारा गुंडे बेल्ली ओलुर’ saying in Turkish meaning ‘Friend will only come to the rescue at the time of adversity, tweeted Turkish Ambassador Firat Sunel saying ‘Many thanks, India, for helping in dire need’.

Prime Minister Modi had assured Turkiye of helping as much as possible while sending a rescue team to help the earthquake victims. Before that the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs V Muralidharan had mourned about the grief stricken state of affairs by visiting the Turkish Embassy.

Editorial perspective

Turkiye had repeatedly supported Pakistan over the Kashmir issue. It accused India falsely about injustice done to Muslims in India, yet India helped Turkiye. Therefore, Turkiye should realise that India has a big heart.