Uniform Civil Code is Unconstitutional : AIMPLB

The claim of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board !

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) – Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is detrimental to the social and cultural identity of the Dalit and the Adivasi. The Indian Constitution gives every citizen the freedom to follow their own religion. The Government should not attack the freedom of the common citizens. The Uniform Civil Code will prove to be unconstitutional said the All-India Muslim Personal Law Board at its working Committee meeting. This meeting was held under the leadership of the Board’s President Maulana Mohammad Rabey Hasani Nadwi. The president of AIMIM Asaduddin Owaisi participated in the meeting. It was also said that there would be anarchy in the country if the places of worship act was revoked.

The Board said hate is being spread in the country and it is being made a political weapon. This is detrimental as it will destroy the feeling of brotherhood in the country. This will be bad for the country. If this fire turns into an inferno, then it will destroy the culture, progress, and morality.

Editorial viewpoint

It is clear that no Muslim or any of their organisations will support Uniform Civil Code, as it will stop all the facilities they are getting now after its implementation !

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