Hindus being converted to Christianity with a lure of ₹15,000 and marriage with a ‘beautiful girl’ !

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Fatehpur (UP) – Sarvendra Vikram Singh, a local Hindu, has accused some Christians of luring Hindus into conversion. In the complaint filed at Fatehpur Police Station, he said that a Christian person lured him with ₹15,000 cash and marriage to a beautiful girl if he converted to Christianity.

1. In the complaint, Sarvendra Vikram Singh said, ‘I succumbed to the lure. I was then taken to a church, where I met a Christian priest. The priest said that if I convert, I will not only get money but also many gifts’.

2. The victim Sarvendra was converted in the church at Deviganj. After this he was told, ‘You have become a Christian. Now convert your relatives, friends, and villagers. For this, you will get ₹20,000’.

3. ‘This organisation of Christians receives funding from abroad, and that is why the converts were told that ‘you will not be short of money in life’, the complainant said in his complaint.

4. After some time Sarvendra Singh regretted his actions and re-embraced Hindu Dharma. The Police are investigating further in this matter.

Editorial viewpoint

A Hindu person falls prey to the lure and converts, but re-embraces Hindu Dharma due to repentance !