Hate-spreading news anchors must be terminated : Supreme Court

New Delhi – ‘News channels sensationalise news for TRP (Target Rating Points). News reporters who spread hate must be removed. Things that spread hatred are dangerous for the country’, the Supreme Court expressed its opinion while hearing the petitions in this context. Petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court regarding action against offensive and hateful statements. While hearing it, the Court expressed the above opinion.

1. During the hearing, the News Broadcasters and Digital Association (NBSA) said that we are hearing the cases in this regard. Controversial videos are deleted, but some channels like Sudarshan TV and Republic TV are not our members.

2. The Uttarakhand Government told the Court that a total of 118 cases have been registered in its State in connection with hate speech.

3. The Uttar Pradesh Government said a total of 581 cases of hate speech have been registered there.

4. The Central Government said that unless there is a serious problem or a threat to the security of the country, it will not intervene in such cases.

Points raised by the Court

A. Everything is going on for TRP. News channels are competing with each other. They present the news events in a sensational manner. They are dividing society through their visuals. News channels influence people more than newspapers. Are our viewers capable of watching such broadcasts ?

B. The Court asked the advocates of ‘NBSA’ that if the anchor presenting the programme on news channels is causing problems, what should be done ? NBSA should not be partial in this regard. How many times have they removed such anchors ? The anchor is solely responsible for live broadcasts, because he has control over it. If he is not impartial and reports only about one party, he may silence the voice of the other party, not raising questions about one party. In a way this is biased.

C. The news on the news channels affects the entire country. They should remember that they do not have the right to speak their mind. Anchors who are violating broadcasting rules should be removed and fined heavily.

D. When a news channel invites people, it also abuses them. For example, there was a recent incident where a man urinated on a woman on a plane. After the arrest of the person, the media used abusive language against him. This is like a trial. Please don’t defame anyone. Everyone has an identity.