Manusmriti and Ramcharitmanas should be burnt since they are spreading hatred !

Anti-Hindu statement of Bihar’s education minister Chandrashekhar !

Bihar’s education minister Chandrashekhar

Patna (Bihar) – Books like ‘Manu-smruti’, ‘Ramcharitmanas’, and ‘Bunch of thoughts (written by former Sarsanghchalak Golwalkar Guruji)’ should be burnt down. These books have spread hatred, they have taken us back to the dark ages, was the senseless statement made by Bihar’s education minister Chandrashekhar, and he stands by what he has said. His statement has been condemned by pro-Hindu organisations, Saints, Mahants, etc. Saint Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya has announced a reward of Rs. 10 crores for cutting off Chandrashekhar’s tongue.

Claims these books have taken 85% of the population backward by many generations !

The education minister Chandrashekhar addressed the fifteenth convocation ceremony of Nalanda Open University on the 11th of January 2023 when he said that the caste system has divided the people instead of bringing them together. Among them, ‘Manu-smruti’, ‘Ramcharitmanas’, and ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ by the former Sarsanghchalak Madhav Golwalkar have taken 85% of the population backward by many generations. Owing to these books, even the President and Chief Ministers were prevented entry in temples. These books spread hatred. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar also opposed these books. He burnt ‘Manu-smruti’. Dr Ambedkar criticised even ‘Ramcharitmanas’.

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This book says that people from lower castes become poisonous after getting the right to education. In one era, the book like ‘Manu-smruti’; in another era, the book like ‘Ramcharitmanas’, and in the third era, the book viz. ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ have spread only hatred. No country will attain greatness by spreading hatred but only spreading love will make a country supreme.

A reward of Rs. 10 crores announced for a person who will cut off Chandrashekhar’s tongue   

Saint Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya of Ayodhya

Saint Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya of Ayodhya criticised Chandrashekhar’s statement and said that his statement has hurt the sentiments of all Hindus across the country. It is an insult to the ‘Sanatanis’. Legal action should be taken on such a statement. If he doesn’t apologise within a week, we shall announce a reward of Rs. 10 crores for a person who would cut off Chandrashekhar’s tongue.

BJP condemns the statement

BJP’s National Spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla condemned Chandrashekhar through a tweet. He has said that Bihar’s education minister Chandrashekhar calls a holy book like Ramcharitmanas, a book spreading hatred. A few days back, Jagadanand Singh of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) had called ‘Shriramjanmabhoomi’, a land of hatred. Isn’t it a coincidence ? These are all gimmicks to attract voters. When will be action taken against such persons ?

Editorial viewpoints

  • If an education minister of a State is saying such things, what kind of education must be imparted to students ?
  • One cannot destroy someone by burning his thoughts. It is necessary to explain the right thought when one accuses some thought as wrong. Those who criticise Manu-smriti and Ramcharitmanas’, however, avoid explaining what is wrong in these holy books and what would have been the right thoughts according to them.  Billions of people have faith in these holy books. How can such faith be destroyed by people like Chandrashekhar ? 

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