Kerala’s famous Guruvayur temple has bank deposits of around Rs 1,737 crore and 271 acres of land ! Information revealed under the RTI

Guruvayur temple

Thrissur (Kerala) – The famous Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple in the State has bank deposits of around Rs 1,737 crore and 271 acres of land, revealed by a Right to Information (RTI) application. MK Haridas, a resident of Guruvayoor and president of the organisation ‘Proper Channel’, had applied under RTI. The exact price of this land is yet to be determined.

1. The temple management has refused to give information about the gold, silver, and other precious ornaments donated by the devotees for security reasons.

2. Guruvayur Devasthan has also clarified that since P. Vijayan’s Government came to power in Kerala in 2016, it has not received any financial assistance from the Government. During the floods in Kerala in 2018-2019, Devasthan gave Rs.10 crore to the Chief Minister’s Fund. However, Devasthan has also mentioned that this amount has not been recovered even after the order of the High Court. (Devotees want that the Courts should take strict action against the Government that does not carry out the injunctions of the Court ! – Editor)

Devasthan’s neglect of development works ! – alleges  MK Haridas

MK Haridas is an ardent devotee of Guruvayurappan. Explaining the role of filing an RTI application with the temple administration, Haridas said that due to the continuous neglect of the Guruvayur temple administration he filed an RTI application. Though they have such a large amount in the banks the failure of the temple administration to develop the temple premises and provide facilities to the devotees. He also mentioned that although the temple administration is running a hospital near the temple, the condition of this hospital is pathetic. He also expressed displeasure over the temple’s neglect of the distribution of prasad and the development of gardens for devotees to get flowers for religious rituals. (The only solution to this is that the Temple administration should be removed from Governmental control and handed over to the control of the devotees ! – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

It is expected that the Temple’s funds should be utilised to teach, protect, and propagate the Hindu Dharma. But this can never be possible as the Temple is under Government Control. Therefore, the Hindus should unite and work towards freeing the Temples from Government’s Control !

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