Ten lakh coronavirus BF.7 patients daily in China

A waiting period of 20 days at the cemetery

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Beijing (China) – 10 lakh corona-infected patients are being found in China every day, and thousands among them are fatalities. It is being said that the number is still bigger than stated. They need to wait to perform the last rites of the dead in the cemetery for 20 days. There is a shortage of beds in hospitals in China.  China has started to close its borders once again due to the coronavirus outbreak.

41 children died in Japan due to the Omicron variant

According to the News in Japan Times, the 8th wave of coronavirus Omicron variant in Japan, children are being affected very badly and they are dying. 41 children have been killed due to this virus.

Infected patients in the US pass 10 million

According to the report by ‘John Hopkins University’ in the US, the number of coronavirus-infected patients has crossed 10 million. The main reason for this appears to be the new variant Omicron BF.7.