Mahant Martand Pashupati in Ghaziabad (UP) threatened with life

(Left side) Mahant Martand Pashupati

Ghaziabad (UP) – Manjoor Ahmed from Siliguri from Bengal has threatened Mahant Martand Pashupati through a letter stating that he talked very much about Hindutva. Islam is superior and will remain so, Inshallah. He needed to be beheaded. Modi-Yogi would fail to save him. Mahant intimated about this threat to the Police in Sahibabad and demanded Manjoor’s arrest. This is said to be the 5th threat received by the Mahant in 2 months. A threatening letter of beheading Mahant was sent on 17th August 2022. Martand Pashupati is the Mahant of Pashupati Akhara in Nepal.

Editorial viewpoint

Such threats are not expected in the BJP Government ruled by Yogi Adtyanath in UP. The Government needs to take strict action against the guilty.

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