45 Hindus accepted Buddhism in Gujarat

The District Collector will investigate the conversion

Mahisagar (Gujarat) – A total of 45 people from Balasinor, Kheda, Nadiad, and Panchmahal of Gujarat converted from Hindu Dharma to Buddhism. According to them, they converted without any inducement. For that, consent was also sought from the administration. It is understood that this conversion will now be investigated by the District Collector.

(Credit : Aaj Tak)

According to Mahisagar’s District Collector, 29 people have applied for conversion permission. Due to the State’s assembly elections, these applications could not be scrutinised. As a result, the matter will be investigated and further action will be taken.

Editorial viewpoint

As there is no anti-conversion law in the country, such incidents are occurring. Hindus wonder when will the Central Government make the anti-conversion law ?

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