Chinese soldiers try to infiltrate the border every year and get thrashed : Manoj Naravane, Former Army Chief

Manoj Naravane, Former Army Chief

New Delhi – ‘The Chinese military considers itself the most intelligent and professional military of the 21st century, but their actions seem no more than hooliganism and street fights. This is not only now, but Chinese soldiers try to infiltrate every year and every time they have to suffer a shameful thrashing and retreat’, said former army chief Manoj Mukund Naravane in an interview to the news agency ‘ANI’.

(Credit : ANI News)

Naravane said,

1. On one hand they try to show technical prowess and on the other they come with spiked batons, it’s ridiculous.

2. India is a country that has shown the world that it can respond to the bullying of their neighbours. I can tell the entire country with confidence that we are always ready. We are ready to respond to whatever comes our way.

3. China has been trying to gradually alter the situation along the Line of Actual Control for many years.

4. We always patrol up to ‘Patrolling Point 15’, but the Chinese soldiers were trying to stop us from going to Patrolling Point. This was completely unacceptable. They had set up a small post to prevent us from patrolling, to which we strongly objected. Despite this, they remained adamant on not backing down. On this, our army protested more strongly. Then the Chinese soldiers came with more force. There was also a fight over this issue. However, our forces were enough to make them retreat.

5. Former General Naravane dismissed the statement made by former Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, who had said earlier, ‘The defeat in the 1971 Bangladesh war was a political defeat, not the defeat of the Pakistani army. Only 34,000 Pakistani soldiers had surrendered to India, not 93,000’. He said that nobody can change facts and history. The photo of General Niazi surrendering in 1971 shows ‘What can we (India) do without even saying anything’. Even during Kargil, Pakistan did not accept the truth.