Maulvis stop oath of equality by volunteer groups

The communist Government in Kerala buckles under the pressure of Maulvis !

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – A controversy has taken place over the ‘gender equality oath’ related to the ‘Kudumbashree’ scheme being implemented by the Kerala Government to eradicate poverty. Under the ‘Kudumbashree’ scheme volunteer aid groups had given equal rights to both male and female volunteers of their groups. In fact, they were directed to take an oath saying that they will give equal rights to their sons and daughters while passing on their wealth. But the Maulvis started opposing this oath saying that it was against Sharia law. After this, the communist Government of the State banned this oath buckling under the pressure of Maulvis.

1. According to media reports, the ‘Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyutul Qutba Committee’, an organization of Muslims in Kerala, had opposed the ‘Kudumbashree’ scheme. In fact, the Maulvis said that “Through this oath, the State Government is helping the Central Government to implement the Uniform Civil Code.”

2. Nazar Faizi Kudthai, the leader of ‘The Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyutul Qutba Committee’ circulated a post on Facebook saying that the oath was against the Constitution. Because according to the Quran, a man gets an equal share in the property of two women but a woman gets only half of the wealth that a man gets from his father’s property. Faizi stated that In the name of gender equality, the Government is interfering with the basic principles of Islam. After this statement by Faizi, Jamaat-e-Islami and many other Muslim organizations started supporting him.

Where are those who took decisions against Hindus ? – BJP

K Surendran, BJP State president said that the Government has surrendered unto the fundamentalists’ power. The devotees opposing the decision to allow all age groups of women at Sabrimala temple were attacked, while the Police provided security to two women and allowed them to enter the temple.

Editorial viewpoints

  • This is the true face of the communist Government of Kerala ! This is a very good example of how the communists who talk about equality between men and women give up their principles for the sake of Muslims !
  • This Government had earlier submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court against the practice of Hindu women of all ages not being allowed inside the Sabarimala temple. But now the same Government is not keen on giving equal rights to Muslim women. This shows the Anti-Hindu mindset of the communist Government !

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