Eight ex-servicemen of the Indian Navy are languishing in Qatar Jail for the past 96 days !

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Doha (Qatar) – For the past 96 days, Qatar has jailed 8 ex-servicemen of the Indian Navy. Qatar was not prepared to release them even after the Indian Government tried various means to get them released. The Court has extended the imprisonment of the ex-servicemen by 1 month.

(Credit : Hindustan Times)

It has not been clarified, what is the crime for which they have been arrested. These 8 ex-servicemen were arrested on the 30th of August by Qatar. All of them had joined Qatar’s private organisation post their retirement from the Navy.

Editorial viewpoint

The Indian Citizen must be told what is preventing the Indian Government from rescuing the ex-servicemen from the clutches of the Jihadi Islamic Country Qatar !

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