Geneticist claims that the people of Varanasi Kashi and Tamil Nadu have the same DNA

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) – In a research conducted by the Banaras Hindu University, it was found that the DNA of the people from Kashi and Tamil Nadu were the same and they also shared a common ancestry. 75 researchers from various universities and colleges are currently working on this research. This research is being led by the Center for Molecular Biology at Hyderabad and the Banaras Hindu University.

(Credit : StudyIQ IAS Hindi)

Professor Dyaneshwar Choubey

Professor Dyaneshwar Choubey from the Department of bacteriology, Banaras Hindu University, who is spearheading this research, spoke on this context. He said ‘This research has been going on since 2006. So far 35 thousand samples have been collected and an additional 1 lakh samples will also be collected. Through this research, we expect to find out the similarities  between the different castes and tribes of India. Samples were collected from over 100 people of Kashi and another 200 people from Tamil Nadu. Through their research, they realised that the DNA of both of them were the same. Further, this research will also assist in capturing criminals.

Editorial viewpoint

A tight slap to the face of those Hindus of Tamil Nadu who consider themselves to be ‘Dravida’ and different from the other Hindus in the country !

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