Controversial Israeli director Nadav Lapid’s apology for his comments on ‘The Kashmir Files’

(Left side) Israeli Director Nadav Lapid

Panaji (Goa) – At the concluding ceremony of the 53rd International Film Festival, Israeli Director Nadav Lapid passed a comment against ‘The Kashmir Files’ saying it to be ‘Vulgar, propaganda’.

He has apologised for his comments after witnessing the opposition from all over the country for 2 days, saying, he did not want to hurt anybody’s sentiments, he did not want to insult anyone. He did not want to hurt the sufferers of the violence and their relatives, even as he goes on to call the film about their genocide part as vulgar propaganda. He said that he wished to apologise to them.

(Credit : India Today) 

Editorial viewpoint

It is essential to take action against Nadav for apologising after the opposition from the Israeli Ambassador in India and from all over the country for 2 days in succession; because by making comments like this if anybody is pardoned with an apology then it might give rise to a new trend. Hence, such persons should be made to pay for their misdeeds.

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