Terrorists link behind the Mangaluru rickshaw blast ! 

  • Karnataka Police Commissioner informs !
  • The blast took place on the 19th of November !

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – On the 19th of November a blast took place in a rickshaw and set it on fire. In it, two people were burnt – the Rickshaw driver and one other. The CCTV footage of that incident has been posted on social media. Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar had initially said that the Rickshaw had caught fire. Now the Police Commissioner has made a clarification. He said, ‘the blast in the rickshaw was not an ordinary blast, it was a terrorist attack. Though not much damage was done by this blast, but the intention behind the blast was to cause great destruction.’

1. Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said that it is suspected that this incident was a terrorist act. The State Police and central investigation agencies are together doing an in-depth investigation.

2. It is alleged that a passenger kept a bag of explosives in the rickshaw. The bag used for the blast is being investigated by the Forensic Science Laboratories. The State Police are being assisted in their investigation by the Intelligence Department and the National investigation agencies. The Karnataka Police has appointed a specific investigation team for this case.

3. The rickshaw driver and another person injured in this blast are presently not in a condition to give evidence

4. According to the intelligence department the terrorists in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are preparing for a big attack. This information has come forth in the investigation into the incident of the car blast in Coimbatore. It is being investigated if there is any connection between the Coimbatore and Mangalore blasts. It is said that there is a possibility of one common facilitator behind both incidents.

Editorial viewpoints

  • It is necessary that India acts on a war footing to destroy the jihadi mindset behind the jihadi terrorist activities in India !
  • Police are not there to give information but it is expected that they try to arrest the terrorists and give them harsh punishments !

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