40% action is completed on the illegal mosques in Bet Dwarka

Dwarka (Gujarat) –80% are Muslims among 12,500 population of the island of Bet Dwarka. That means,  9,500 are Muslims. The number has surpassed Hindus in just 62 years. Illegal mosques were built on this land. (After having seen what happens when Muslim population becomes more than that of Hindus, no need to mention what would happen when their population becomes more in village, Taluka, District, State and the whole nation ? Before India turns Islamistan on the basis of population, India should be declared Hindu Rashtra. – Editor). Since last October action is being taken on illegal construction, so far 40% of the action is being completed. Karachi of Pakistan is just at 2 hours, that is, at 105 km from island of Bet Dwarka.

1. Bet Dwarka island is at a distance of 35 km from actual Dwarka. Many fishermen go to the international border in the sea and come back.

2. As per the record, there existed only 6 mosques on the bank of the Bet Dwarka; but the number of mosques has reached 78 in last 17 years. Presently action is being taken against those. Journalists need to take Administration’s permission to go there.

3. The Muslims girls-boys are given to Pakistanis in marriage. Administrative records show that all these acts happen secretly. Hence, the Bet Dwarka is looked upon as very sensitive area.

4. As per the history of the island, in 1945 Gaikwadi existed there. That means it was ruled by Badoda Sansthan. Gaikwad, the ruler of Baroda had given some land to Muslims. As per the 1960 census report there existed 600 Muslims and 2,786 were Hindus on the Bet Dwarka then. As per that the population of Hindus should have been 6,000 and Muslims 1,200. But actual Muslim population happens to be 9,500 and Hindus are less.

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