Khalistanis in Pakistan threaten to kill other Hindu leaders in Punjab

(Left side) Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri and Gopal Chawla

Amritsar (Punjab) – After the killing of Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri, a video by a Pakistani Khalistani named Gopal Chawla has gone viral on social media. In this, he is saying, ‘All the best to Sikhs, Muslims and every community that wants freedom ! I would not call him Suri, but a Suvar (a pig). I admire the brother who killed him. One pig is gone and now it’s time for the next one. Nishant Sharma, and Amit Arora (Hindu leaders in Punjab) will also have to go. The way Suri is dead, other people will also die like dogs’.

Amrit Singh Mehron praises the person who killed Suri !

Amrit Singh Mehron, who contested the 2022 Assembly elections from Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar (Simran Jeet Singh Maan), openly praised the killer of Sudhir Suri in a meeting. He said, ‘I am not happy when someone is hurt, even if he is my enemy. However I will say that whoever killed Sudhir Suri, I don’t know where did he come from, but he should be cheered’. The video of Mehron’s statement has been broadcasted by the news channel ‘TF News’ and is also going viral on social media.

Editorial Viewpoint

For the last few years, a conspiracy has been hatched to hunt down Hindu leaders in Punjab and they have been killed accordingly, but the past and present Governments of the State have shown grave negligence. The current Aam Aadmi Party Government is said to be a supporter of Khalistanis. Owing to this, now the BJP Government at the Centre needs to look at this seriously !

Canada based Khalistani terrorist Lakhbir Landa claims the responsibility of Sudhir Suri’s murder !

Canada-based Khalistani terrorist Lakhbir Landa has claimed responsibility for Sudhir Suri’s murder. Lakhbir, a gangster from Tarn Taran in Punjab, had fled to Canada a few years ago. He posted on social media, ‘Whoever speaks badly about other community or any religion, should also be ready. Everyone’s turn will come. Don’t think that they will be protected by having security. This is just the beginning’.

Editorial Viewpoint

Carrying out Khalistani terrorist activities in India from Canada is shameful for the Indian security agencies ! The Indian Government needs to take strict actions against the Khalistanis in Canada !

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