Calls grow for the re-establiment of Hindu Rashtra In Nepal !

  • General Elections in Nepal
  • Demand to re-establish the monarchy !

Kathmandu (Nepal)  –  Political parties are currently campaigning for the general elections in Nepal. In this campaign, the demand to re-declare Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra and bring back the monarchy in the country is getting stronger. The Rashtriya Prajatantra Party has promised the people that ‘Nepal will be re-established as a Hindu nation’. Along with this, communist leader K.P. Sharma Oli hinted that ‘they will also support the move to make Nepal a Hindu Rashtra’. The Rashtriya Prajatantra Party and Sharma Oli’s CPN-UML party are contesting the elections together. Currently, 81.3 percent of the population in Nepal are Hindus. Also till the year 2007, Nepal was a Hindu nation. After the Maoists came to power, Nepal was declared secular.

(Credit : Zee News)

1. National Democratic Party President Rajendra Lyngden said that ‘We think that the monarchy should be made as the protector of the country. Nepal should be made as a Hindu Rashtra with its roots based on Sanatan Dharma and provide freedom for other religions and the Prime Minister should be chosen through direct elections.

2. Nepal has been under a communist Government for the last few years and it has failed to fulfill the expectations of the people. This is why the political parties are now demanding a Hindu Rashtra. Nepal’s Tourism and Culture Minister Prem Ale has already extended his support for the demand to declare Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra.

3. In August of 2021, former Chief of Army Staff General Rukmangud Katwal launched a campaign to re-establish Nepal as a Hindu nation. He named the campaign the ‘Hindu Rashtra Swabhiman Jagran Abhiyan’. He said that ‘This campaign will promote identity and culture based on religion. My aim is to re-establish the ‘Hindu identity’. There is no fanaticism in this’.

4. 20 Hindu religious organisations in Nepal have formed a united front to declare Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra again.

Editorial viewpoint

If a secularised Nepal can be re-declared as a Hindu Rashtra through elections, then the political parties of India should also take the initiative to declare Bharat as a Hindu Rashtra as well.

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